"In the professional world of tomorrow, you have to know two things: You have to know the basics of business, and the basics of coding. Without both, you are taking an enormous risk". Susan Kish

Hi friends, I'm Axel. I am a Fullstack Developer and an Economist. I love code and I am also a nice guy, but if you doubt that you can just ask my mum or head directly to my Github Page . For some live-coding head to my youtube channel . I graduated from Friedrich-Alexander University (Germany) with a B.A. in Economics. Always being fascinated with code, combined with my thirst for knowledge I came to Colombia (Medellín), where I completed the Make it Real Bootcamp to turn myself into a Fullstack Developer. I love to create things and I thrive when I have the opportunity to learn and improve my skillset. To gain a more profound knowledge of algorithms and programming concepts I decided to enroll again into a Computer Science major at the University of Hagen. Motivation, persistence and the willingness to give a 100% in all the things I do is what defines me.

I enjoy working on projects with teams who share the same passion as me and I love working atmospheres in which I can learn and develop personally as well as professionally. I'm a rockstar communicator and I'm fluent in German, English, Spanish and Paisa (- the local accent of Medellín -). I also can have a short conversation in Italian and French, but I'd like to improve. If that sounded interesting to you check out my recent CV here.

I can be very commited...

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Get to know me personally...(Yet, the video is outdated. I have more experience now, so I will shoot a new one soon.)

A little presentation of how I got to where I am, in case you were to lazy to read ;)


I am currently working as a junior web developer at sgalinski next to my studies. The Munich based company uses PHP, Typoscript, TYPO3, Git, vagrant, composer and a variety of other technologies. Since it is a completely remote company we use tools Trello, and Mattermost to stay connected and work together. Implementing SCRUM, we have daily meetings and Sprint meetings and are constantly in video chats, to productively work in team.

I was an intern at Masterchat for 3 months. Masterchat is a great chat-application that is built in Ruby on Rails. I was responsible for the implementation of backend and frontend features alike. I implemented new controllers, methods, models and migrations. In the frontend I implemented the complete landing page of Masterchat that you can see now on the website. In the backend I also worked with Rspec, Minitest and Capybara and I was responsible for writing almost all of the integration tests.

Realizing that I love to create things, solve problems and always learn something new, I decided to enroll again in the distance university of Hagen to major in Computer Sciences. The university is the only state universtiy in Germany that allows you to study in different countries and take your exams in the German schools around the world. It also allows you to study at your own rhythm while working fulltime. It is a normal Bachelor of Science programme in which you learn all there is to know about the fundamentals of Computer Sciences

I took part in an intensive instructor-led coding Bootcamp at Make it Real. The programme included three phases. The first phase included self-study and an entrance test. Once accepted, the second phase started which consisted of intensive 12-week full-time programme. Everyday students and the teacher came together to study Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Javascript, jQuery, APIs, Testing, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and various other such as responsive design, testing techniques and deploying different services such as Heroku and Amazon Web services. During post-phase students were assigned a mentor and asked to complete the rest of the online platform which is full of material, coding challenges and projects.

Because I was interested in the workings of the economy I studied Economics and Anglistic at the university of Friedrich-Alexander. Apart from Economics my degree involved a broad variety of subjects. I studied critical theory and I also enrolled in spanish and philosophy classes.


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I started to learn code with Ruby and I still absolutely love coding in Ruby. The Bootcamp I completed at Make it Real taught me more than I've ever imagined about this language and its frameworks like Rails and Sinatra and kickstarted my learning process. I deployed various RoR Web Applications on Heroku and some pure Ruby projects on Github. I write clean HTML and CSS and I worked with Minitest, Capybara and Rspec during my internship at where I implemented the whole Landing page and wrote all the integration tests. I learned Pascal and Java at university. As I am studying Computer Sciences next to my job as a Web Developer at sgalinski sgalinski, I studied the fundamentals of algorithms, pointers and lists and that really helped me to understand programming more profoundly. Javascript and jQuery were next, and even though all the brackets were confusing to me in the beginning, I started to really enjoy the sheer power of Javascript and jQuery in Web Applications and almost every project of mine includes Javascript and jQuery. But I still have a lot to learn and I am trying to improve every day. For some of my Web Projects I am starting to integrate React. Feel free to check out my Github profile or give me a call if you would like to know more about me and my work.


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Brickwater Bandpage
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Brickwater Bandpage
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Brickwater Bandpage
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Brickwater Bandpage
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